Family Law

Family and Collaborative Law

Family law addresses a wide range of issues concerning cohabitation, marriage, children, divorce and property. Emotions are always at the core of family law events: the confident anticipation of marriage, the disappointment of divorce, the protective fear of sharing custody of children. Sometimes these emotions can impair the ability to understand the demands of the law, and to know what is best for oneself and one's children.

OWT family lawyers encourage openness and co-operation between the parties, whether they are entering into a marriage contract before the vows are taken, or considering a separation agreement after the marriage has ended. OWT lawyers strive to assist parties in reaching agreements that are equitable and meet the needs and interests of all concerned, especially children. Yet when court action is unavoidable, OWT lawyers are assertive and diligent in the protection of our clients.

OWT lawyers are firm proponents of the collaborative law process. With a promise to avoid court action, two parties and their lawyers meet with the intention of settling their disputes in the spirit of compromise and co-operation. The collaborative law process is intended to be a quicker and more efficient means of enabling the parties to craft a separation agreement tailored to their needs.

OWT provides its clients with the following broad range of family law services including:

  • Separation agreements
  • Property disputes
  • Marriage and cohabitation agreements
  • Divorce
  • Custody and access negotiation
  • Collaborative law
  • Child and spousal support claims
  • Adoption